YR by Yaara Rabinovitch

    Yaara Rabinovitch is an architect (Bezalel) and ceramicist with a Masters in product design from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

    YR Studio specializes in the production of handmade tableware - one off items or multiple molds series - across different projects, techniques and materials. 

    Based in Israel. Kibbutz Amir, Upper Galilee.

    Ships internationally.

    The plate is my starting point for every new project

    The discussion between the singular, practical use of the instance - the plate, with the storing of the set - the tower, is a major part of my creation process. I aspire to create objects that can be displayed in either form.

    The design language is expressed in thoughtful ‘trimming’ of the classic round shape while creating different elevations of steps and heights to update the formal and normative context of standard dinnerware.

    Studio life